About Panko

Panko is the Japanese word for breadcrumbs, which is now commonly used to name breadcrumbs in the market.

The main characteristic of Panko is crust-free and in slivery shape or needle shape . This kind of breadcrumbs originates from Japan and is produced with unique technology. Panko bread crumbs are light and crispy with open structures and a lot more crunch when compared to other traditional Western-style breading. Panko is loved by chefs throughout the world because it is extremely suitable for breading foods like chicken and fish, and also works wonderfully as a filler in items that call for it, such as crab cakes.

How is Panko Made?

Primera Panko is made from fresh bread with selected quality of raw material and special baking technology to give the best quality product.

Their unique slivered shape and open structure of Primera Panko produces delicate and crispy textures giving a crunchy food quality. The specialized baking in an electrode oven produces loaves that are free from crust, giving uniform shapes and colors of the crumbs. They also have a higher tolerance to browning during the frying process. Our drying technology minimizes the breakdown to avoid the changing shape structure of breadcrumbs, and result in an even drying process.


Primera Panko is available in 3 (three) grind sizes : Large, Medium and Small. Each grind size can be applied for different food product depending on the chefs and users creations..

Large Grind

The size of a large grind Primera Panko is above 4mm and is usually used in many product applications in restaurants such as shrimp, chicken, pork, salmon etc.

Medium Grind

The size of a medium grind Primera Panko is 2-4 mm and is the most popular and commonly used for coating fried products such as chicken nuggets, onion ring, crochet, vegetables, fruit etc.

Small Grind

The size of a small grind Primera Panko is less than 2 mm and is usually used for coating small food products such as 'bitter balen' and risoles or as a product filler.

Panko Type

Panko bread crumbs come in three different forms based on color, shape and flavour. They are White or color panko ( made from bread without the crusts), Tan panko (made from bread with the crusts left on, known as western style), and Seasoned panko ( often made with Asian spices and seasonings such as black pepper etc).

Primera Panko

To give an attractive food presentation, Primera Panko provides 5 ( five) different standard colors which are : white, yellow, orange, green and mix color (yellow and orange). Other colors can be customized according to a customer’s need or preference with a certain minimum quantity order. Synthetic food color additive or natural food color that is used has passed the international food safety standard. Organic food color can also be requested for custom order.

Seasoned Primera Panko

Primera Panko is also available in the combination with other seasonings. The spices and seasonings that are used can be customized according to the customer requirement with a minimum quantity order.


Primera Panko is also available in a variety of packagings based on consumer needs :


Primera Panko can be used in wide range of menu and food preparations.

One of the ways to use Primera Panko is as food coating ie 'topping' ( sprinkles) or as a filler, whether for fried or baked food. In Asian cuisine, these crunchy grains are usually used as the outer coating for a variety of fried food. The features of Primera Panko are made using high quality raw material which enables the formation of bread structures that is strong, hollow and not easily mushed. The cavity in each grain also allows the flow of oil passing through it during the frying process which makes for a quick oil draining. These characters of bread crumbs will save oil cost, create healthier food with less oil, and bring a superb level of crunchiness to each bite.

Primera Panko is perfect to complement meat and seafood menu.

Primera Panko is also highly suitable to be used as food coating to enhance the overall taste such as risoles, croquette , fried plantains, fried tempe, and fried bread. Primera Panko can also be fried first and then sprinkled on other prepared foods such as baked macaroni and many others. In addition, Primera Panko is also often used as a filler such as meatballs or seafood cake for extra juiciness and bigger food volumes.

Bitter Ballen

Indonesian Style Fried Bananas

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The food coating process with Primera Panko can be made on many different surfaces of foods. Coating system varies depending on the food material and coating techniques, which include : “pre-dust” ( flouring), batter ( mixed liquid) and / or bread flour.

Each coating stage functions as an intermediary medium between the food and the next layer. Thus, the coating of food will result in better adhesion, increase food volume, added crisp, improved quality of aroma and color, as well as reduced moisture loss during cooking and storage.

Pre - Dust

Composition :

Wheat flour and cornmeal

Application :

Apply pre -dust flour on food evenly to the surface of the food.

Function :

As an intermediate layer and balance to the surface layer thus smoothening out the food with better adhesion and increased volume.

Pre-dust may be enriched with added food seasonings or flavors.​


Composition :

Thick mixed solution of flour, corn flour, starch, and seasonings.

Application :

Dissolve the flour batter with water 40%, then stir until evenly and thick, dip food into a solution of batter.

Function :

Adds aroma, appearance, texture and ease the coating process of Primera Panko.


Composition :

Primera Panko, Flavor and food coloring.

Application :

Spread Primera Panko onto the surface of the food that has been battered up.

Function :

Creates the crunchy sensation, improves aroma and presents interesting color to the food.